How We Work

Working with Medullary Ray Furniture Ltd. couldn’t be simpler. Your satisfaction with our bespoke interiors and furniture is our primary concern, so we are always available to talk to you personally. We’ll deal with any queries you may have in a fast and professional manner.

Call us on 01794 329472, fill out our contact form or email Caroline  with your furniture sketches, plans and ideas to


Whether or not you already have an idea in mind for your project, we recommend you do a quick search for pictures that inspire you. Furniture images are a good start, but inspiration can come from other images as well.

We can combine elements from different sources to get something that is right for you. Start with the images on this website and then try a Google Image Search.

Think about the room you are proposing to furnish:-

  • What is the other furniture in the space?
  • What style is the decor?
  • What is the room going to be used for?
  • Who is going to be using the room?
  • What sort of equipment or appliances will need to be incorporated into the design and layout?


Send us an email, fill out our contact form or ‘phone to discuss things further. We will always have some great suggestions for you. We will also help you make the most of your budget and let you know if we have any concerns. If you would like to go into more detail we can come and meet you to perform a site survey and discuss the design in person.

If you would rather work with an interior designer, either on a single piece or a wider design scheme, we will be happy to work alongside them. We have a wealth of experience in the interior design industry and can also recommend a designer if required.

How Much?

The cost is determined by the choice of materials and the amount of fabrication time. Some finishes can be more cost-effective than solid hardwood and, naturally, more complex designs are more labour intensive.

Whether you want to use the finest veneers and hardwoods to bring your design to life or simply need a fitted painted wardrobe in a bedroom, we can help you strike a balance that satisfies both your eye for design and your wallet.

How Long?

Once we have identified your requirements we will send you a quotation and indicate the time-scale involved. From there we take a deposit and begin crafting your bespoke handmade furniture, whether it’s a hand-crafted kitchen, bedroom, study/office, wardrobe, kitchen table or some other item of furniture.

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We take card payments

We take card payments