Medullary Ray Furniture is Bespoke….but what exactly does bespoke mean?

Posted by on Jan 16, 2019

Cabinet makers, Medullary Ray Furniture design, make and install a huge variety of furniture from kitchens, staircases, fitted wardrobes, tables, benches, front doors, bathroom cabinets, study furniture, to name just some of the pieces we have produced in the last year. Despite the variation in size, cost, materials used, colour, finish, they all have one thing in common they are all ‘bespoke’.

But we are often asked, especially at the start of a commission “What does bespoke actually mean?” Does it mean
High end?

Well NO to all of the above.

Bespoke means LIMITLESS – which means each piece is uniquely made to the exact requirements of the clients design wishes, made in the materials they prefer, finished the way they like, painted in the colour they select and most importantly all of the above is made to fit the exact space which will be it’s new home in the client’s house. On the other hand mass produced, off the shelf furniture is restricted in size, style, materials, finish and colour making it harder to fit the space it is intended for and harder to meet the design requirements of the client.

Bespoke furniture takes time to make approximately 8-12 weeks on average in our workshop, it will be more expensive than mass produced furniture, but you are getting much more for it, you are getting a piece of furniture made of high quality materials which means it has been made to last, so it can be appreciated through the generations. Most importantly we source our timber through local timber merchants that all abide to the FSC standard (Forest Stewardship Council) which means that the timber we use is taken responsibly and ensures that the forests that it came from is taken care of as is the forests wildlife and people that call it home.

In a time when we are all becoming more aware of our environment and eager that new products are made to last to reduce unnecessary waste then bespoke furniture has a big role to play in the future of furniture making. The mass made, poorer quality furniture that gets thrown out after a few years may not be as popular in the future.

The best bit about buying a piece of bespoke furniture from us is you get involved in the whole process, you sign off the design, influence the style, choose the colour, you are welcome to pop into the workshop and see your vision become a reality, it is an interactive and exciting partnership form beginning to end.